Aug 252014

Feed starving kids in the United States. Get free cell phone service.


Aug 092014

all we have is -
im making the most of it

once you get in the habit of not paying the bills, it gets easy to forget about it. i know i still have good credit though because this card is still in my wallet and still gets used

Aug 312012

I’m crushed. The path my brother followed has taken its toll. I dont even know what to say here, but I need to vent. I love him so much and to see his life destroyed by addiction when mine has become so rich and full has ripped out my heart. I did just as much if not more drugs in my years and have been able to crawl away. Addiction left my brother with Toxic Encephalopathy. His path of self destruction is not a single track path in the woods, but a huge 10 lane super highway affecting so many people. I am helpless to this situation and powerless to my disease. I am screaming inside. So fucking mad at him and his decisions, yet I completely understand why he couldnt not get off this path. So blinding. So cunning. It lied there and waited for him for years. He thought it was gone. It was always there. I knew it but no matter what I did or say, he would not hear it. He had to walk this path himself and find out. I knew he would find out for himself one day, but I never thought it would be like this.

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